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The startup world has changed.
Is your data ready?

In the past, startups had the latitude to operate on hopes of enormous returns – even with losses for years on end. Investors are now more cautious, demanding disciplined execution, grounded in measurable outcomes, not just ambition.


Data can help drive results and demonstrate success. But for many startups, the data is not up to the task, lacking both strategy and talent to unleash its value.

Adopting cost-efficient, high-value data practices that are designed to scale with growth can enhance performance and investor confidence at every turn.


We consider your needs at every stage, ensuring your data supports growth.



As a partner, we push the boundaries of your data to drive success.

Unified Data Warehouse to Optimize Critical Business Metrics

Optimized methodology to reduce churn rates by 15-25%

During the Launch stage, we uncovered and proactively managed transactional data deficiencies with the implementation of a unified data warehouse. Leveraging the data warehouse in the Maturity stage, we implemented industry-accepted churn calculations. This metric was dramatically better than 3rd party platform measurements.


Improving the outlook of the subscription business demonstrated an ability to compete with industry leaders.


Connected Fitness  |  Maturity Stage  |  Domo, Stripe

business metrics image

Data Science to Improve Unit Economics

Increased ROAS by 60% using data-informed drivers


Using the integrated data warehouse (which we previously built), we uncovered key areas of the business that negatively affected unit economics. With a target to optimize, we rapidly employed statistical analysis and machine learning to predict marketing outcomes resulting in a data-driven strategic pivot.


Optimized marketing efforts and improved unit economics provide a compelling story for future investment.


VR Fitness  |  Growth Stage  |  BigQuery, dbt, R

Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

Uncovered product features to increase engagement nearly 50%


Introduction of new product features pushed the envelope to understand the strongest drivers of customer engagement. We uncovered that customer challenges led to a significant increase in engagement, helping to improve new customer adoption and existing customer retention.


Understanding engagement levers helped to ensure strong value and better experiences for customers.


Connected Fitness  |  Growth Stage  |  Domo, Amplitude



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